Pathfinders was born from a single idea:  Our founder wanted to create a company with the capabilities of a national staffing provider but with the customer service and personality of a local provider.

At Pathfinders, we take a slightly different approach to staffing. No corporate model, no cookie-cutter approach.

From day one, we become your business partner. We listen. We know the right questions to ask. We pride ourselves on digging deep – asking questions that reveal more than the technical skills required for a job. We learn about the company culture of our clients and build long-term strategic partnerships with our customers by offering high-quality, open-door service in all areas of staffing.

Why Pathfinders?

Small Sales Staff, Lots of Recruiters.

Our focus is recruitment, not sales. Our corporate structure is an average of 5 recruiters for every sales rep! We cultivate our relationships with our clients by being able to provide adequate manpower to every job order we have. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a start-up you will have the same individualized service. Every client is our most important client.

We Don’t Pass the Buck.

Pathfinders is one of the last agencies in the Philadelphia region that has their Sales Rep/Account Rep final interview and submit candidates based off of their initial meeting with our clients’ hiring managers. The person you meet is the person you work with going forward. We don’t “pass you along” to an inexperienced recruiter. Expect to work with an account manager with 5-10 years of experience working at Pathfinders!

Testing and Training.

Beyond the standard typing and Microsoft Office Suite testing clients are used to, Pathfinders provides customized testing to fit your company-specific needs. We have over 2000 tests– customized to specific positions we cover and various company cultures we serve. Sales assessments, personality profiles and reasoning tests allow us to go a step above what every other agency does!

Low Internal Turnover.

We take hiring internally seriously. Pathfinders’ low internal turnover comes from hiring employees who are determined, innovative and have the same commitment to dynamic and enduring client partnerships. With our low internal turnover, we can offer you the commitment necessary to deliver positive results every day. Some of our clients have been working with same account manager for 9+ years and we truly believe that our internal employees are the essential ingredient to our clients’ success.

Our Candidates aren’t from Careerbuilder/Monster.

 In 2012, less than 20% of placements came from job boards. We understand the importance of finding talent where you can’t–that’s the reason we got into this business! We have developed relationships with candidates through network referrals, client contacts, our own in-house recruiting database and partnerships with over 22 Universities in the area. We connect with the top professionals in your industry to ensure we are committed to delivering quality service and value to every customer, every time.

Video Interviews.

As the rest of the industry catches up, we have been providing our clients with our state-of-the-art video interviewing software to cut down on the “wrong candidates.” This full-featured product helps organizations of any size, from single-person offices to large enterprises, add video as a standard part of their hiring and recruitment process. Our video interview increases communications efficiency, enhances regulatory compliance, reduces hiring cycles, increases on-boarding effectiveness and helps Pathfinders re-emphasize their brand and differentiate their service.

We Have Happy Temporary Employees.

Our temporary employees have the ability to receive benefits the day they start an assignment! They also get paid vacation, holidays, direct deposit and training as if they were an internal employee.


Being local has more perks than just knowing the landscape. At Pathfinders, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter standards and procedures for all clients. Every company is different and we have the ability to work with customers depending on the scope of their specific projects.

About Us

Pathfinders, Inc. was established in 1997 as a full service staffing solutions provider. Pathfinders was born from a single idea:  Our founder wanted to create a company with the capabilities of a national staffing provider but with the customer service and personality of a local provider.

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