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Our solutions can vary based on a number of different factors. In many cases, the best solution isn’t immediately clear to our clients. We remedy this by having one of our staffing consultants meet with the client to create a customized staffing plan that may involve temporary staffing, recruiting for direct hire employees, or a combination.


Specialization can be even more important. Being known as the best can sometimes come with specialization, because it allows you to know your area of service really well and market accordingly.  You’re more likely to be restricted by location. There are a number of services that can be delivered regardless of geographic location, like graphic design or even customer service call centers. That being said, many more service businesses have location restrictions. A plumber can’t travel two days to fix a leaky valve. Even CPAs would be required to learn tax laws in states other than their own if they ever wanted to offer services to anyone in the US. This will affect who you’re targeting and where.


Relationships are even more valuable. Client relationships are crucial for any business, but they become even more important in service-related businesses. The element of trust is going to be much stronger when you’re relying on an actual person to give you the results you need. And since services are typically on-going to some extent and rely more heavily on referrals and testimonials, you can’t overlook the power of customer relationships.

Types of Value Propositions to Use in Service Marketing

Value propositions are how you tell clients what your service can do and how it can benefit them. They’re most effective when they successfully differentiate you from your competitors and make you the clear choice for your target audience. When a client reads your copy detailing the value proposition, their “why should I hire you?” question should be answered immediately.

It’s not enough to just say that you offer a service, after all—you need to actually explain why your service is best

The value propositions that will be most effective will depend on your service, your branding and your particular industry. Let’s look at a few examples of generic value propositions and how you can shape them for your specific service. Note that there are many more value propositions that you can go with and that you can use different ones in each ad campaign you run—just make sure you tailor them to your audience.

Below you’ll find explanations of four most commonly used staffing solutions by our staffing agency.

Contract Employees (Temporary Help)

Pathfinders has an extensive network of candidates which we assign to support or supplement our client’s workforce in situations involving special skill sets, seasonal work, maternity leave or project based work. These employees remain on Pathfinders’ payroll for the duration of the contract and we cover their taxes, benefits, etc.

Contract to Permanent Employees (Temp to Perm)​

Pathfinders utilizes its extensive candidate network to assign employees to work for our clients for a trial period in which both employee and client consider permanent employment. These employees start off on our payroll but are converted to yours at a later date.

Permanent Employees (Direct Placement)​

Pathfinders links candidates seeking immediate permanent employment with clients who wish to find permanent employees for their organization. These candidates are not employed by Pathfinders. They’re hired as a permanent employee directly to your payroll.


Pathfinders now offers a payrolling solution to our customers. Whether you’re looking to reduce cost and simplify the process of payroll administration or just reduce overhead cost, allow us to manage your payroll so you can focus on other core competencies.

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